Burnished iron and brass meet the leather in this desktop arm lamp, this encounter is its real main theme. Actually the whole project is a technical and stylish study about an organic and traditional material of great value: leather. Its isolation property lets me remove every electric wires from the arms, effectively the employment of this material separates the electric currents in both vertical and horizontal joints of the structure.
The lampshade is built from leather sections sewed together, this material can be put in any organic form and it will keep the shape, expecially under the heat of bulb which makes it harder and harder. The lampshade sketch originates from the boxe speed bag, this sport equipment make the leather vintage, enhancing its warm color with glossy and tactile texture.
The design is simple and reliable, the joints works thanks to the friction between metal and leather plates, the repetition of the same elements lets the lamp will extend with more than two currently arms.
As usually for the other lights, the boxer lamps is hand made in limited series.

boxer lamp draw
REACH 135cm
WIDTH 120cm
O.A. HEIGHT   151cm
SHADE L. 16cm
BASE D. 20cm
VOLTAGE 240/230 volts
BULB halogen