Born on April 7th 1977 in Benevento (Italy) where he lives and works

Early experiences in drawing, painting and sculpture at art workshop

Apprenticeship in the working of ceramics

His organization of a workshop for metal and woodwork

Expert in the traditional manufacturing machine tools and recovery industrial archeology

Realization of furnishings, commissioned

Studies at Politecnico of Naples and achieving a degree in Civil Engineering

Self employed and freelance designer

He says:
The creation of a new object comes out of the interaction of rules and freedom as in a board game. The first step is fixing the rules:the achievement of a technologic-functional objective together with the recovery of a design theme. Then, within these rules there is the field of freedom, of invention and strategies. This game gives to the designer the project. Then comes the hardest part of the work. It will be a long period devoted to correct the defects and to improve, by trial and error, to make the project a perfectly functional and reliable product.

Flaminio Bovino